Collectively, Montana businesses could save $145 million per year by getting Montana’s work injury rates in line with national averages. That number, found during an in-depth study conducted by a state task force, only accounts for direct costs, such as insurance premiums and related health care. If lost productivity and retraining were included, the dollar figure would easily be double that. As a Montana business you pay higher workers' comp premiums than you would in any other state in our region. Injured employees in Montana stay out of work and on workers' comp as much as 26 percent longer than those in other states. But the number one reason for the high costs is simple: In Montana, workers get hurt more often—job for job, age for age—than all but one other state in the country (based the last available rankings in 2006). The good news? This is a problem we can solve through education and program adoption. As an employer, your role is pretty straightforward:
  1. Provide a safe, healthful work environment for your employees.
  2. Show you place a high value on safety by creating a culture of safety in your company.
  3. Encourage shared responsibility for safety among your employees.
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