When it comes to Montana’s workplace safety problem, the greatest personal and financial sacrifices aren’t made by government or employers. They’re made by you—the employee. Montana workers tend to take more recovery time when injured. You miss more work and lose more wages than your counterparts in surrounding states. Consider this. Workers’ compensation insurance benefits cover just two-thirds of an injured employee’s pay—up to a maximum of $626 per week. Imagine trying to scrape by for months on two-thirds or less of what you make right now. Worse yet, imagine being physically disabled and not able to continue your job or having to live with constant pain. And then there’s the ultimate in senseless sacrifice—being killed on the job. In 2008, that tragedy befell 39 of your fellow Montanans and their families. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can decide right here and now to work more safely, to join a movement for a safer Montana. Your role is pretty easy.
  1. Take your own safety at work seriously.
  2. Consciously focus on safety throughout your workday.
  3. Hold your employer and co-workers accountable to high safety standards.
And how do you do all that? Start by reviewing the links to the left.