WorkSafeMT – Closing After A History of Successes

After ten years of involvement in the workers' compensation industry in Montana, the board of WorkSafeMT, Inc. has made the decision to cease operations. In 2007, the situation in the state was identified as critical, injury rates were the highest and workplace death rates were consistently among the "top" five in the U.S. WorkSafeMT was formed to bring the statistics to the light of day, and bring a productive message of safety to the state's businesses, governmental agencies and workers.

In the years following 2008, the organization was a moving force in beginning and furthering the safety conversation in the state. As a public / private partnership non-profit, WorkSafeMT led with Public Service Announcements ("PSAs") on television, radio and on social media. Ten years after the beginning of the television campaign, people from all walks of life recall the commercials. WorkSafeMT had a positive impact.

WorkSafeMT not only sourced a number of lasting safety messages that will persist on its channel, its volunteers formulated programs which were then transitioned into ongoing programs within the State of Montana - Employment Relations Division. These include the Stay At Work / Return To Work ("SAW/RTW") program and the hugely successful SafetyFest seminars held annually around the state.

Workplace injuries and deaths have been in decline since 2008. But we can do better. Fortunately, major insurers doing business in the state as well as governmental agencies and many private large employers have picked up on the "Go Home Uninjured" theme set by WorkSafeMT. Each of the individuals involved with WorkSafeMT from 2008 through 2019 encourage everyone to think and act safely, at home and at work...and everywhere in between.

Thank you to the nearly 100 people that donated time, in-kind and money to bring safety into the conversation in Montana. You helped us make a difference.

The final funds after final expenses held by WorkSafeMT, Inc. have been donated to another positive non-profit serving in the workers' compensation sector in Montana, Kids' Chance of Montana. Go to their web site, donate generously. Help those that sustain the hidden injuries of workplace injuries and deaths, the kids.