The Montana Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) and workers’ compensation insurers help Montana workers stay at work or return to work quickly after a work-related injury. Staying at work or returning to work reduces the impact of workplace injuries on workers, their families, their employers and their communities. The Goals of the SAW/RTW program: Minimize avoidable disruption caused by work-related injury or occupational disease and assist the injured worker to return as soon as possible to the same position with the same employer, or a modified position with the same employer. By law, if the insurer has accepted liability for the claim, the insurer is responsible to provide SAW/RTW assistance to the worker either under the insurer’s own SAW/RTW policy or by assigning a rehabilitation counselor to provide the assistance. To find out more, contact your workers’ compensation insurer or Montana Department of Labor and Industry by visiting the Stay at Work/Return to Work project site, by phone 406-444-1752 or by email at For more information on the Stay at Work/Return to Work Project, contact Jason Swant, (406) 444-1748.