There are more than 40 OSHA safety training rules that specify training for employees before they perform a regulated activity, and an additional 16 safety training requirements for workers who handle or work around certain hazardous substances. For example, an employee must receive adequate forklift operator safety training before he or she is allowed to perform any work with a forklift. OSHA safety training rules for the most part are performance-based standards. The workplace should be free of hazards, but the employer determines exactly how that will be achieved. An employer can use a variety of methods and technologies for training and to test the effectiveness of training, as long as the safety goal is met. Very few OSHA regulations prescribe how training must be delivered to employees, as long as the employees understand and comprehend workplace hazards and know how to avoid or control the hazards. The best way to determine what exactly OSHA’s safety training requirements are is to refer to OSHA’s training requirement guidelines document. Click on the link below to view. Click here for a spreadsheet for determining OSHA safety trspreadsheet for determining OSHA safety training requirementsaining requirements. For specifics on what is required or if your activity is not listed, refer to the Training Requirements in OSHA Standards and Training Guidelines here.