WorkSafeMT was a nonprofit organization and public-private collaborative effort of business, labor and state agency leaders, health care providers, injured workers and workers’ compensation insurers. Our purpose was to address Montana’s poor work safety record and improve Montana’s stay at work/return to work system. We did this by promoting effective safety programs, sharing safety programs that are succeeding in Montana, and providing free safety training. Resources offered include case studies, best practices, program templates, public awareness campaigns, speakers and free trainings across the state. Established in 2008, WorkSafeMT received initial funding from the 2009 legislature. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the organization has since taken over all fundraising responsibilities. Montana has one of the highest workplace injury rates in the country. This is true across all worker age groups in Montana, across all counties and across industries – from retail shops to health care to logging and mining. Workplace injury rates in Montana show high numbers of short-term injuries, permanent injuries and deaths. These injury rates impact people – workers, their families and friends. But they also impact business by translating into higher workers’ compensation rates, lost productivity, and costs to hire and train replacement workers. We measure workplace safety in lives, not numbers (although we do care about the numbers related to business costs). Our goal was to change the historical pattern of work in Montana as one of high risk, high injury and high cost. We think every worker should go home after a day at work safe, in one piece. For further information, please investigate the materials available throughout this website which will remain active through the end of 2019.. In addition, please view and share on social media the resources that will remain on the WorkSafeMT channel. Be safe out home...and everywhere in between, every day.